These are many areas we can serve together as the brothers and sisters in the body of Christ to build up this church for the glory of God. We welcome you to serve with us if you’re interested.

The Purpose of this Ministry To help create a God-focused worship environment.

Guidelines • Since you represent the church in a very public position, please dress more conservatively (“business casual”). Appropriate examples include collared shirts, slacks, skirts or equivalent; inappropriate examples include t-shirts, shorts, torn jeans (w/holes) or equivalent. • We need 2 ushers each week. If your children or youth serve with you, please tell their Sunday School teachers beforehand that they will be late for class.

8:45 Prepare the bulletins (in the cabinet at the rear of Sanctuary A) Assemble the bulletins with any inserts Get a bottle of water for the speaker (Located on the shelf in the equipment storage room at the right front of the Sanctuary)

9:00 Usher #1 stands outside the entrance to Sanctuary A • Redirect Mandarin worshippers to Sanctuary B • Greet the people as they come in • Hand out bulletins

Usher #2 stands inside the entrance from the parking lot • Greet the worshippers as they come in.

During the Congregational Prayer Usher #1 Minimize distractions • Close the inner door to the Sanctuary • Ask people to wait in the hallway outside the nursery • Open the door after the prayer

Usher #2 Return to the Sanctuary at 9:35

Sermon Ushers 1 & 2 Pass out Bibles to those who would like one

10:00 Record the number of attendees on the English Attendance clipboard on the rear desk

AFTER CLOSING PRAYER Usher 1 • Stand at the rear door and encourage worshippers to leave by the double doors in the front (this will allow the Mandarin congregation to enter via the rear) • Parents can use the rear door to pick up their child(ren) from the nursery.

Usher 2 Clean the Sanctuary • Dispose bulletins left behind • Return Welcome clipboards to the rear desk If you find any completed Guest Cards that were left behind, bring them to the Welcome Area on the third floor.

On Communion Sundays (fourth Sunday of the month) Collect and dispose communion cups from the pew racks (small garbage bags are in the rear desk)


Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the babies and toddlers so their parents can attend the worship service.

CCIC’s Child Safety Policy requires that:

  1. All adults must pass a criminal background check (minors volunteering are exempt from background checks).
  2. Two adults are scheduled per shift and at least one adult be in the nursery at all times. Up to two youth may serve alongside the adults except for Check Out (see below).
  3. Do not raise your voice or discipline a child. If there is a discipline problem, please contact the Nursery Director.
  4. Sick children are not allowed in the nursery.
  5. If there are any difficulties, illnesses, accidents, etc., please contact the Nursery Director.

Clean Up (beginning of service)

  1. All toys, chairs and tabletops are to be disinfected by wiping with the cleaning wipes before the nursery ready to accept children.
  2. Allow the small toys to air dry and then place them back into the “Toys” bin.

Check In & Out

  1. The nursery should be ready to receive children by 9:05.
  2. Make sure all babies/toddlers are checked in and have an identifying label from our check-in system on their clothing and on their diaper bags.
  3. Child’s accompanying diaper, food, etc., should be labeled with their name.
  4. We encourage parents to attend the worship service.
  5. Only authorized persons (parents/guardians) are allowed to check out babies/toddlers. Their pick up tags must match the child’s and their belongings. For safety reasons, adults must supervise the Check Out process.

Health & Hygiene

  1. To keep the rug cleaner, adults should remove their shoes before going behind the counter.
  2. Please check assigned child at least once during service and change their diaper if necessary.
  3. Wash your hands after every diaper change (youth may help with adult supervision).
  4. Notify parent(s) of any diaper rash noted during changing.
  5. After changing, sanitize changing table and allow it to dry.
  6. Watch carefully that children do not share toys if they have had them in their mouths.
  7. Never share bottles or food between children.

Clean Up (end of service)

  1. All toys are to be put away and nursery straightened after each service.

Setup Time: 8:45-9:15AM

Donut Pickup: Bring boxes of donuts from 1st floor kitchen to 3rd floor. (Sometimes delivery may be a bit late, but not later than 9:30AM)


  1. Push long tables right to the walls, to create more standing space.
  2. Leave one row of tables in the center, use as serving tables.

Setup tables:

  1. Ensure all tables are clean.

Large Pot for Tea:

  1. Fill the large pot using the spigot at the kitchen service window.
  2. Put in 6 tea bags into the tea pot.
  3. Plug the pot into the left outlet in the center column.

Make Brewed Coffee:

  1. Fill the urn labeled “COFFEE” with 40 cups of water (see the levels inside the pot).
  2. Place one filter into the percolator basket so the post sticks up through the hole in the middle.
  3. Press the filter down into the basket and flatten it.
  4. Using the measuring cup in the coffee container, add enough for 40 cups and spread evenly around the basket.
  5. Insert the metal tube into the bottom of the basket.
  6. Pinch the post so you can hold the tube in place.
  7. Insert the tube and basket into the urn.
  8. Put the cover on and plug it into the right outlet, using the outlet strip as an extension.

Setup serving tables:

  1. Coffee, creamer and sugar, with serving spoons and stir sticks.
  2. Money bowls and donation signs – place one set on each row of tables.
  3. Napkins – make sure that dispensers are full. If you have extra time top up all the napkin holders.
  4. 3 tubes of cups

Supplies are in the storage room next to the kitchen

Clean Up

  1. Clean and wipe all tables.
  2. Throw away all used cups and empty donut boxes, etc.
  3. Gather all the money and put into one money bowl. Store the bowl in the kitchen and bring it back out during lunch. 
  4. Return all the coffee, creamer, sugar, stirrers, etc. back into the corner cabinet near the Service Window
  5. Refill tea pot with the leftover hot water, use it for lunch.
  6. Clean the coffee urn: 
    1. Lift the filter by the corners and dump everything into the garbage can. 
    2. Rinse the urn and all its parts.

Remember to top up supplies for the next group.

Lunch Setup time: 11:00AM

Setup lunch tables:

    1. Please carry, do not drag the furniture to minimize disturbing the worship in Sanctuary
    2. Pull out serving table at the entrance and set up 3 rows of tables.  Work with the Family Lunch Team for their setup needs.
    3. Clean and wipe the tables.
    4. Place 6 chairs around each table.
    5. Each dining table should have: Napkin holder, money bowl and donation sign (all from the pantry cabinet) and Sriracha sauce (from fridge).
    6. If supplies, such as napkins, forks & spoons, cups and plates are insufficient, check the storage room next to the kitchen. Otherwise, go to first floor kitchen for more supplies.

Setup serving table: 

Place some plastic forks, spoons and plates on the serving table (pantry cabinet).


  1. Fill the tea pot with water to half  full (large tea pot).
  2. Add in 4 more tea bags.
  3. Make sure that it is plugged in.

Food Pickup, at 11:50am, from downstairs kitchen.

Take the plastic cart with the following:

    1. 1 pot of rice
    2. 2 entrees
    3. 2 rice spatulas,  4 serving spatulas or serving tongs

Patrol Job Description

Duty Hours: 8:30AM to 1:00PM on Sundays

1. Set up a traffic sign “Union Bank Customers Only” and place 2 orange cones at Union Bank Parking Lot to remind CCIC members to keep 2 slots available for Union Bank customers. Place another 2 orange cones near the window side of the drive-thru at Union Bank to keep the bank’s drive-thru clear. This job should be completed before 8:45AM.

2. Set up a traffic sign “Atherton Employees Only” and 8 orange cones at the Atherton Building. There should be 4 orange cones designating 4 parking slots on either side on the building’s entrance.

3. Set up the sign “Don’t Park in Residential Area” on the street behind the church.

4. Instructions 1, 2 & 3 should be completed before 8:45AM.

Tip: Use your car to move signs and cones to the location to save time.

5. Place at least 19 orange cones in the parking slots near the main entrance inside CCIC building for senior members, shuttle drivers, and those vehicles with only one adult and infants/children. Reserve 2 slots for the guest speakers.

6. Place 12 orange cones and a newcomer parking poster for newcomers on the Visitor Parking Lots in the middle of the main lot inside the CCIC building.

7. Instructions 5 & 6 should be completed before 9:00AM.

8. Direct the newcomers, guests, seniors, and those vehicles with only one adult and infants/children to the CCIC main lot. Encourage and direct others to park in the Pinn Brothers’ parking lot.

9. Patrol the Union Bank & Atherton parking area and residential area nearby to ensure that no cars from CCIC park illegally.

10. Direct traffic to safely merge into Saratoga Ave. after the Sunday service.

11. If there is no shuttle running, it is the responsibility of the patrol person to take church members across the street.

12. Return signs and cones to the storage room after traffic service.

13. People on traffic service duty must put on their orange traffic jackets for safety.

14. Keep a record of all incidents and violations in the log book.

15. We suggest that each Sunday there is more than one person working on patrol duty. That way, patrolling can be done in shifts so that one person, for example, can listen to the sermon while the other is on patrol.

Shuttle Job Description

Duty Hours: 9:00AM to 1:00PM on Sundays

1. In the following time windows, please keep the following arrangements:

09:00AM – 10:00AM (1 car)

10:00AM – 11:00AM (1 car)

12:00PM – 01:00PM (1 car)

2. From 9:00AM to 10:00AM, the main job is to pick up passengers at the Pinn Brothers parking lot for the church.

3. From 10:00AM to 11:00AM, the main job is to pick up passengers at the Pinn Brothers parking lot for the church and also to pick up passengers at the loading/unloading zone in front of the church for the Pinn Brothers parking lot.

4. Important: from 10:00AM to 11:00AM, have 1 person assisting the traffic controller/patrol in the church parking lot for 45 minutes.

5. From 12:00PM to 1:00PM, the main job is to pick up passengers at the loading/unloading zone in front of the church for the Pinn Brothers parking lot.

6. The shuttle will leave when it has enough passengers.

Traffic Controller Job Description

1. The co-worker must inform the leader of the group who is on duty before the coming Sunday.

2. Handle any unexpected situation.

3. Assist the leader of the group that is on duty especially if the shuttle does not operate on time.

4. Train the traffic duty group to execute its duty perfectly.

5. Educate CCIC members to understand the CCIC parking and traffic rules.

6. Prepare and maintain the necessary maps, logs, and documents for the group on duty. Keep the log record in the log book.

Traffic Duty Job Description

1. Provide at least two shuttles and a patrol.

2. Make sure the shuttle and the patrol are on duty on time, which is from 9:00AM to 1:00PM.

3. Inform the CCIC traffic control co-worker of any unexpected incident.


1 Corinthians 11:17-34 explains the reason and importance of properly taking the Communion/Lord’s Supper.  These guidelines are to help us reflect that in the ways we serve communion.


Wear conservative clothing to reflect the importance of communion:  along the line of collared shirts and slacks.   Please avoid clothing like jeans, tank tops, shorts, etc. for this occasion.

The Coordinator (Joyce Ang) forms a team of six Servers (AKA, “ushers”) to serve the communion elements.  

The Officiant and the Servers arrive at the church kitchen by 8:45to prepare the elements.  When doing so, please keep the following in mind:

• Collect all needed supplies.
• Wall cabinet above the microwave oven.
Wafers (“unleavened matzo crackers”), gloves, white communion cup fillers or mini pitcher.
• Base cabinet to the left of the garbage cans.
Communion trays.
• Refrigerator.
Grape juice.
• Food safety is important.  Wash your hands and wear gloves.  
Ensure the wafers are fresh.
Ensure each piece of bread is about the size of your fingernail.  This size amply reflects the communion and our church members can easily pick up the bread.  
Fill 6 trays with the bread (approximately 40 pieces in each tray).
Remove the crumbs so the trays will look cleaner.
Wrap one larger piece of wafer in a white paper towel or napkin so the Officiant can break it during the service.
Put cups in all the inner rings of the communion trays PLUS four more in the outermost ring (approximately 28 cups in each tray).
Fill the cups to about ½ full.  This reduces spillage as the trays move around.
▪ Use either the white dispenser or the mini pitcher.
• When using the white dispenser, hold the dispenser over the cup and push the button to pour the juice.  Release the button and make sure the juice stops flowing before filling the next cup.
▪ Soak up any spillage with a paper towel.


Two Servers move the Communion Table to the front of the stage.

It is kept behind the sound wall on the right.

Cover it with the table cloth.  Fold the cloth so it hangs evenly over the sides (not over the front).


Set a stack of three bread trays and three cup trays on each side of the table, leaving the center clear for the Officiant.  

Place the bread tray with the larger wafer at the top of the stack to the left side.

Place covers on top of each stack.

At 9:05, all Servers should join the worship team, speaker, etc. in the room behind the stage for prayer.  The Officiant reminds the Servers the way they will serve communion (especially if the Officiant changes the method) and makes sure everyone is working together.  

All Servers, please confirm who will stand where and cover which area of the Sanctuary.


The Officiant gives a brief devotional or reflection about the communion, along with a scripture reading.  Suggested passages include (but not limited to):  

Matthew 26:26-30

Mark 14:22-26

Luke 22:14-20

John 6:35-37

John 6:53-57

1 Corinthians 11:23-34

Remind the congregation that the communion is for baptizedbelievers only.  Here is a suggested script (although you do not have to read it verbatim):  “For those who have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and have been baptized, please join us in taking the elements. If you have not accepted Christ and been baptized yet, we ask you to just observe at this time, and we look forward to the day when you will be able to partake with us.”

The Officiant gives thanks for the bread and the cup.

When handling the communion trays covers, hold them by the sides.  Dnot use the cross as a handle.


The Officiant hands a tray of bread and cups to each Server.

The Officiant will signal the Servers when to take the elements to the congregation.  


• Pass out the tray with the bread first; wait until the person passes the tray, and is ready to receive the next tray.  
• Then pass the tray with the juice.  
• If there are very few people in the row and they are sitting near your aisle, then hold the trays so they can take the elements.  After they have taken the elements, proceed to the next row.
• Remember to bring the elements to the Nursery, Sound Booth and to anyone playing music.
When serving an instrumentalist, place the wafer and cup nearby.
• Wait for all Servers to finish and then return to the front together.
• The Officiant will take the trays from you and place them onto the table.
• Then the Officiant will serve you the elements.  

The Officiant leads everyone to take the elements together.

Leave the table at the front of the stage until the end of the worship service.  


Two Servers return the table to its storage area to the right of the sanctuary.

Place the table cloth underneath the table.

Take a small paper bag from the desk at the rear of the sanctuary and collect all cups from the pews.  

Servers bring the trays back to the kitchen.

Dispose all leftover elements.

Rinse, dry and return the trays and dispensers/pitchers to the cabinets.


The Coordinator sets up/maintains a rotation of six Servers for the fourth Sunday of each month (barring special events).  

Ensures that the elements are presentable and prepared on time.